Barco N.V. - R7
Barco N.V. - R7 Barco N.V. - R7 Barco N.V. - R7 Barco N.V. - R7 Barco N.V. - R7
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7.22mm Outdoor LED Pixel Display, 5000nits Brightness

Series: R
Model: R7
Part #: R9200000 (R7)
  • More creative freedom
  • Fast setup time
  • Reduced installation
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Barco’s revolutionary R-series digital media canvas is a flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin LED technology that frees you from the limitations of traditional LED displays to make your message stand out in unimaginable installations. The innovative R-series design ensures smooth and quick installation for fast setup time and reduced cost.

Endless creativity
The R-series expands creative possibilities beyond traditional applications. As there's no need for supporting structures the R-series can be glued onto a surface. Thanks to its flexible design architectural constraints are reduced and less space needs to be freed up. There are also no visual gaps between sheets.

Digital in a day
Weighing less than 6kg/m2 and only 5mm thick (incl. louvers), the R7 is much easier to install. Offered in sheets up to 4.68 meters long, large amounts can be stored and transported, and larger surfaces can be covered at once – reducing costs, while speeding up installation time. Cabling, control, and power electronics are integrated on every sheet, to cut cable clutter.

Powerful processing
The R7 is driven by the InfinipixTM image processing platform that provides a straightforward web-based interface for display configuration, dimming, control, monitoring, and maintenance – anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Based on HTML5, different operating systems and mobile devices can be used to control the R-series.

  • More creative freedom
  • Fast setup time
  • Reduced installation